How getting rid of singletons boosts testability

The MVVM architecture can help bring your app to a much more testable state. But to really reap its benefits, you need to look beyond the good ol' singleton pattern.

Navigation with MVVM on iOS

How to pass data when transitioning between views, without breaking the MVVM pattern.

Anatomy of an MVVM iOS app

A high-level overview of the different parts that make up an MVVM app and how they relate to each other, spiced with a few code examples.

MVVM with ReactiveCocoa 3, in Swift

There are plenty of good introductions to the MVVM architecture on iOS. The next challenge is to apply these concepts in a real-world scenario! To find out how this could look like, I created an open-source Swift app that interacts with a remote server, using the brand-new ReactiveCocoa 3.