What I offer

Full-Stack Development

Due to my solid (7+ years) experience in mobile development, combined with backend and DevOps skills, I'm able to build and deliver entire digital services.


TypeScript GraphQL Elixir Swift Ruby Objective-C


React Native Phoenix iOS / watchOS Android Rails React Vue.js jQuery
(My current primary stack is highlighted above.)


Moving to React Native

If you need both iOS and Android apps, React Native can cut development effort by 70–90% through code reuse. Working on one codebase also allows for smaller teams. I’ve taken this journey years ago and can help your team do the same through intense, on-premise coaching.

From Rails to Phoenix

Ruby on Rails was a game changer in its heyday, but the world of web applications is evolving. Today, Phoenix is often a better choice due to its impressive real-time capabilities, wonderful GraphQL support, top-notch performance, and much more.

My portfolio

Most of my work isn’t public, but here are some projects I can talk about.


Urban activity app

As FriendHood’s CTO, I planned the tech architecture, wrote most of the app and server-side code, and participated in the UX and visual design process.


  • Polished app UI & UX
  • Cross-platform codebase
  • Real-time chat powered by GraphQL
React Native GraphQL Phoenix


Youth music contest hub

I built a web application and mobile apps for “Jugend musiziert” contests in 16 countries to replace heaps of paper forms and printed schedules, and help young people connect across borders through music.


  • Fully open-source
  • Drag-and-drop scheduler
  • Dynamic PDF generation
  • Handling of complex domain model
iOS React Native Phoenix