Exposing view model properties in ReactiveCocoa

Providing view model data for the view layer to bind to is a vital part of MVVM. Here's how you can do this using ReactiveCocoa's native Swift API.

Animating table row changes using changesets with MVVM

We can do better than reloading entire table views whenever new data arrives. The MVVM architecture provides a good foundation for detecting changes in list items and moving their rows into place, to our users' delight.

Migrating to Swift 2 and ReactiveCocoa 4

The Swift language is moving fast, and Xcode 7 requires Swift 2. Here's what you need to do to bring ReactiveCocoa 4 with Swift 2 support to your project.

Sharing state between views with MVVM

No view is an island, and often they like to depend on each other in intricate ways. Luckily, view models offer some nice ways to share state without losing your sanity.