My services

Mobile and Full-Stack Development

Due to my solid (10+ years) experience in mobile development, combined with backend and DevOps skills, I’m able to build and deliver entire digital services.


TypeScript GraphQL Elixir Swift Ruby Objective-C


React Native Phoenix iOS / watchOS Android Rails React Vue.js jQuery
(My current primary stack is highlighted above.)


Adopting SwiftUI

Having matured for a few years now, SwiftUI finally starts to be production-ready for most apps! Compared to UIKit, it drastically reduces boilerplate code and makes your team more productive. You can even support multiple Apple platforms from a single codebase. With my extensive knowledge of both UIKit and SwiftUI, I can help you and your team take the jump (or adopt SwiftUI gradually) through remote or on-premise coaching.

Full-Stack Phoenix

If your head is all dizzy from the myriads of JavaScript dependencies and frameworks du jour, try embracing the ‘friendly monolith’ instead! The Phoenix framework is built on the robust Elixir/OTP ecosystem and gives you impressive real-time capabilities, wonderful GraphQL support, top-notch performance, and much more.

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